Stealthing: the scary sex trend you need to know about

    Stealthing: the scary sex trend you need to know about

    Be careful out there!

    Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, and plenty of other social media apps have facilitated hook ups and dates between people who are basically strangers. These apps allow people to meet, relationships to blossom, and sexy time to flourish between consenting adults.


    Stealthing is a disturbing trend where guys remove their condoms mid-sex without the consent of their partner, resulting in a rush or euphoria in response to the naughty behavior. These men have online forums where they discuss their methods and their enjoyment when performing this act and deceiving their sexual partners. They brag about their rights of “spreading their seed” and even have guidelines on how to perform a successful “stealth.”


    This practice has yet again made governments question the definition of rape and where lines should be drawn. Several women who’ve been victims of stealthing agree that it is a form of rape that threatens their agency, leaving them feeling victimized and powerless. Many of them are too ashamed to talk openly about it.


    In January 2016, a man in Switzerland was convicted of rape after taking his condom off during sex. The authorities alleged that their partner didn’t agree to have sex without protection, qualifying as sexual assault. Hopefully, authorities in other parts of the world will follow Switzerland’s example and offer the necessary punishment for people who do these types of things. And watch out on Tinder!