OMG: A Woman Is 74 but Looks Like She’s 30 Because She Discovered a Youth

    A Woman Is 74 but Looks Like She’s 30 Because She Discovered a Youth


    We all want to stay young and try many things for this. Many methods promise to reverse age and still they do not work as intended.


    A woman revealed the youth secret. She is 74 but looks 30 and with no famous cosmetics.


    Her husband of more than 50 years, Amos Larkins looks like her grandfather and her sons in their 50s also look older than her. Her husband is on diabetes meds and hypertension drugs, but she avoided these meds for her whole life and she is really energetic, gets up at 5:30 in the morning and has an active life.


    She is Anette Larkins and is of Miami Dade County, Florida. Her magic secret? She is raw vegan and this is a proof that  vegan diet can be amazing for the health and beauty!


    Everything she eats is of her own garden, so the diet is mostly: veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts and juices mostly. She only drinks rainwater and never takes medicines. In case of ailments, she takes just natural items.


    She says she became vegan after she owned a meat shop in the 60s and then after that she immediately turned fast from vegetarianism to vegan. Raw vegan means never cooking the food and even some health experts say this is good and cooking makes the food lose some nutrients.


    Anette gardens a lot, sews her own clothes and has a YouTube channel for her vegan lifestyle.


    Her husband says he is proud since his wife makes her own clothes, grows her food, builds computers and knows more than 3 languages.


    Raw veganism can be amazing for both looks and health.

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