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How To Open a Trading Account with CMTrading?

    This Could be the Best Forex Trading Broker in South Africa.


    A few months ago I was thinking how can I make extra cash for, I was tired of a thinking and worrying about money all the time and then an uncle of mine told me about forex trading. At that time I did not even know anything about forex. All knew was that there were some funny graphs and weird lines on a screen and can some people rich.

    He took some time to explain what forex trading, how he joined CMTrading and how I can go about registering with them and start making money. Took me a few weeks to understand want in the world this forex thing was. But I slowly started to understand it. All I can say is it was the best decision I ever made for myself.

    I went through the learning process trying to understand the forex market money language words like- lots, pips, bullish, bearish, positions, leverage, margins…..trust there is a “lot” of them (pun intended). 😉


    What I going to do here is show you how I started im not a millionaire or anything but im making handsome profits and I can’t complain. Actually you know what download this pdf that I first read and got some idea on what Im dealing with.

    I learnt about a free demo account, now this tool was just the best. It allowed me to experience and learn how and what people would really be doing when looking at a picture like the one below.


    How I opened my Account at CMTrading


    As I said this demo account help me quite a lot in understanding what forex traders on there would be doing. I could even make trades myself because it allowed me to practice risk free using virtual money. In no time I could open positions, test my trading strategies while watching the professionals doing it. Okay enough with this; here is how I did it.


    1. I went to the CMTrading website – follow this link I used to register.
    2. Entered my name, email, phone number and country.
    3. After filling out the account details and choosing the Account type – which means you will be depositing a certain amount of money. Mini account ranges from a minimum of $250 – $999, Standard $1000 – $4999, Executive $5000-$24999 and Gold $25000.
    4. I chose Standard account was a new at it and did not what to risk a lot of money.
    5. Did not deposit the money at that time because I had no credit card and also did not have it at that time. But my account open for me to use the demo account.
    6. To use the account, was given all the different platforms I could use to trade with CMTrading. They use Meta Trader 4 so I downloaded apps for both my laptop and android.


    How I activated my Live Trading Account With CMTrading


    1. I used the demo account for a while and when I had the money; called them and asked how I can go about depositing cash into my account to start trading with real money.
    2. In no time someone called me from CMTrading accounts department; gave me their Nedbank Banking details which I used to deposit the equivalent to $250 (R3600 at that time) for my standard account which I did via an ATM.(talk about convenience).
    3. Was told to send my FICA Documents to fully activate my account because after my funds reflected in my account I still could not login to my life account.
    4. After uploading may fica documents my account was full activated.
    5. Was told to wait for a call from their trading specialists to a call me and walk me through everything I need to know.
    6. After that my account was live and ready to trade.


    Added Bonuses.


    1. Now my account live and activated, I was surprise to learn that I would be given a Signup Bonus of 25% of my initial R3600. That meant an extra R900 in my trading account; which reflected in my live trading account in no time.
    2. I also got trading videos worth R500, which helped greatly also for free.


    So I hope this article makes it easy for you to sign up and start trading forex. I would suggest you sign up with CMTrading these guys are just the best you never know your signup bonus could be even higher.

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