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Blood Clots/Stroke — They Now Have a Fourth lndicator – the Tounge SENARIO : During a BBQ , a woman stumbled and took a little fall – she was was assured everyone thatshe wa sfine .They offered to call paramedics , she said she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes

Poor Natasha suffering from Cancer

NATASHA’s number: The number through which well-wishers can get in touch with Natasha, the latest girl to be covered by ZBC News with cancer, is 0713 484 617. Please note that she stays in a compound without electricity so sometimes the phone will be off, but it will be welcome if you keep trying. Read

Coin Collection for Beginners.

Coin Collection for Beginners.   Coin Collection needs time and investment but it is surely a very rewarding activity. Regardless of whether you have a lot of money to spend or small budget, here are tips on how to start collecting and investing for your future!   There is a variety of rare South African