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Types Of Bursaries & Scholarships

Types Of Bursaries & Scholarships Education can be really expensive and sometimes not even affordable considering a certain career path you want to follow in South Africa. Bursaries and Scholarships can you help you further your education without paying anything.   Here we will break down step by step on what a bursary and scholarship

Eskom Bursary

Eskom submission no later than 31 July. In South Africa just over 94% of electricity is generated by Eskom and close to 46% in Africa. Eskom generates, transmits and distributes electricity to commercial, mining,  industrial, agricultural and residential clients and redistributors. Eskom considers the awarding  the awarding of bursaries as a great contribution to South

Sasol Bursary

Sasol Bursary Sasol is a worldwide structured every and chemicals company that finances the talent an expertise of 30 000 people in over 36 countries. Sasol develops and commercialise technologies, they build and operate world Scale facilities to produce products ranging from liquid fuels and chemicals to low carbon electricity   What does the Sasol