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5 Warning Signs That Show You Are Being Used for Sex

    5 Warning Signs That Show You Are Being Used for Sex


    The same old story, a boy and girl meet – they like each other and things start to fall like dominos. They end up being intimate with each other and the girl wonders if the boy just used her for sex or is the relationship meaningful.


    Considering the dating culture these days, people hooking up with each other through dating apps. We find ourselves amongst terms like bread-crumbing, moonlighting and how people disappear after having one night stands. People are thoroughly confused whether it’s a onetime thing or a something that is turning into a long-term relationship.


    So let’s break it down one by one. A professional matchmaker can see a dating scenario from a very different perspective. It is the worst kind of torture to be sleeping with a guy who is only interested to just hook up with you for sex.


    One of the clear signs that the guy you are with is interested in you beyond the bed sheets is that he would want to go out and spend time with you. Be it for just grabbing a casual drink. Drinking together can be a great way to spend time and at the same time open up to each other. But if this is the only activity he’s inviting you too, then that’s for sure a red flag. As this is the easiest sort of dating and require less personal investment.


    A guy who wants to genuinely spend quality time with you will think of more creative ideas, and different ways of getting to know you. Spend money and time in process, not make it quick and cheap like grabbing a drink.


    One of the best part of connecting with someone new is the joy of trying new things together. Be it a picnic, a ticket to a latest show, a stroll down a park or just visiting a museum.


    Grabbing a drink might be fun but that’s a constant go to for fuck-boys.

    If you have been seeing a guy for three months or more, you should be connected to some form of social media. Be it facebook, snapchat or simply just following them on Instagram.


    If the boy is secretive about his social presence, there is a great chance that something is going on. Because that is down-right shady. He clearly has something to hide.


    When a bunch of women get together at office to talk about fuck-boys the most common thing is these boys do not own Facebook accounts. Very conveniently and that’s just borderline mysterious.


    There have been too many stories about how women ended up dating a guy who didn’t have any social media presence and after a while they found out that he had a family living somewhere out of town.


    I believed that these stories were false, and just things women made it up. It didn’t happen in real life but coaching women in different states of America brought me to a different conclusion.


    If a guy does not have a Facebook account or any other, there is a 90% chance he is hiding something.


    You would probably have the image that a professional matchmaker would dislike dating apps, but in reality I just have a few. Not all of them are that bad.


    At our company, we even have the option of taking over a client’s dating account, in order to find more suitable companions for them. But the trickiest out of all these apps is Tinder. It is a tough ground to play in. There is no doubt that there would be great guys on Tinder, but majority of the times there is a lot of bullshit there and it is a perfect harbour for f***kboys.


    The agenda of Tinder was to be a app that helps people just hook up. I remember ages ago, when I initially started using tinder. I started chatting with a decent guy who was working in the finance sector, and was kind of excited to see him.


    We kept chatting with each other for quite some time, that led up to us wanting to see each other for the first time. And I asked him where, and he decided to invite me over to his place for wine and to watch a movie. Did you hear ‘Netflix & Chill’ there too?


    What a disappointment. I initially was upset, but later realized that Tinder is like a fastfood version of dating. Its virtual validation but at the end of the day, it shit quality food.


    If you find that the guy you are seeing is constantly on the run, be it for work or family responsibilities etc. That is shady, flag that. I mean, I’m not saying people can’t be busy and he is lying to you but if he is this busy – He is not ready for a relationship and just enjoys you in the bedroom.


    Well if he just spilled out how he is not looking for something serious, shoot me. And if he says this right after sleeping with you then you really need to contemplate.


    When a man tells you something, listen to him. Don’t ignore what he has to say because you really want to be sure if this is the guy you deserve.


    It does not matter what you have to offer, or how successful and beautiful you are. You can be everything a guy needs but if the man you are with is not ready there is nothing in the world that will make him understand your worth. And it will never work.