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12 Exercises To Tone Your Glutes And Get An Amazing Butt

    Everyone likes a perfect shaped butt, especially women, but this is not an easy task and it requires advanced exercises which will shape your glutes and tone your butt. Continue reading below to learn some amazing butt exercises which you can include in your daily workout.




    Find a platform and step on it bringing your knee as high as you can when stepping down. This will activate your glutes and provide a great cardio workout. For best results you can include weights.


    Rear leg lifts


    In a crawling position lift one leg towards the ceiling and them swich legs. You can add ankle weights for even better results.




    This exercise can really work your glutes! Lie on your back with your feet on the floor and knees pointed upwards, then raise your butt until your feet, shoulders and head are touching the floor. Push your hips as high as you can and squeeze your glutes while you’re on top of the move. This exercise is easy to learn, so when it becomes too easy straighten one leg and push off one leg at a time.


    Deep squats


    To do a deep squat, you need to go as low as you can while keeping your back straight to activate the glutes. Your stance should be wider than shoulders, and you must keep your back straight at all times. You can make the squats more challenging by holding a weight in front of you, or doing one legged squats. Deep squats will strengthen your core and improve your flexibility as well.


    Cossack lunges

    Squat with one of your legs outward and then shift the weight on the other leg. Keep your toes pointed upwards.This will improve flexibility and balance and tone your butt.


    Fire hydrants


    In a crawling position lift one leg outward with your knees bended. Later, swich legs. You can even do circles.This will improve your mobility and strengthen your glutes.


    Hip thrusters


    Sit on the ground with a bench behind you and use a weighed barbell over your pelvis. Put a pad between you and the bar to reduce the discomfort. Now, roll the bar until it’s above your hips, then lean back against the bench so that your shoulder blades are near the top. Begin the movement by extending your hips vertically and support your weight by only your shoulder blades and feet. Extend as far as you can, then return to the original position.


    Horse stance


    This stance is a staple of several martial arts and is an excellent way to build your thighs and glutes. Stand straight and open your default stance by a foot or two beyond your shoulder-width, then squat down as if you’re going to sit on a chair. Keep your thighs parallel to the ground – you should now feel the burn, but don’t give up. Try to hold the position as much as you can – start by 15-30 seconds and gradually increase the duration.


    Plie squats


    Spread you legs with you toes poining outward. Do a squat and stop midway.


    Side leg lifts


    To build the smaller muscles in your legs and the glutes, just lie on one side lifting up your leg and then swich.


    Gluteal squeezes


    Lie down on the floor then raise your hips up while squeezing your glutes and holding for 3 seconds. Repeat the exercise as long as you can.


    Flutter kicks


    This exercise will target your abs and glutes. Lie on the floor then raise your legs from the ground at 45 degrees and push one up while pushing the other down, alternating like that as long as you can.


    Repeat the exercises 3 times a week for a perfectly shaped and toned butt

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